10 steps to plan a beautiful and unforgettable elopement wedding

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Where do we start to plan our most beautiful and unforgettable day?

Let’s be real, to plan a beautiful and unforgettable elopement wedding can be difficult. When you are given the opportunity to do whatever you want, the possibilities are endless…. so where do you even start?

So here’s an activity for you and your partner:

  1. Book a date night, somewhere where you can talk, but cozy and romantic. Bring something to write on and a pen, to each of you.

Start this this vision practice. Both of you do this.

Close your eyes and imagine waking up after your dream wedding day. Where are you? What does the view look like? What season is it? Try to keep it really detailed. Open your eyes, and before you speak, write the vision down. Every tiny detailed bit of it. When you’re done wait for the other one to finish. Then you tell your partner what you saw. And when you are done, it’s your partners turn. 

This practice will give you an idea of what you both dream of.

Next step is to think of common interests. Do you have any?  Do you have places that are sentimental somehow or any place that you two always wanted to explore together? This will also guide you. But before you make any decision make a two columns of important and less important in your day. You can do two, one for you and one for your partner. Then you both write down what you feel is the most important posts on your day. And what is less important. Then you talk about that. This will give you an idea of what is more important and valuable to spend money on. 

Maybe you want to stay local, or maybe you want to do an adventure elopement in New York, then you have the perfect spot to start your honeymoon straight away after your elopement day.

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beautiful and unforgettable elopement urban elopement with the sky and the couple
beautiful and unforgettable elopement couple eating icecream in Stockholm

2. You need to start digging into the costs of your beautiful and unforgettable elopement day. What are the things you want to do, and where you want to be? It’s really not ideal to guess, you need Facts over anything! There might be some hidden costs as well, drivers, pilots, photographer, officiant, depending on where you are going you may need special clothes and shoes, backpacks etc

3. When to elope is also a good thing to figure out. It’s also based on the costs discussion above and your vision in the first vision practise. What season you envisioned could also be a apart of your discussion. One way of keeping down your costs is to stay away of high season and weekend days. If you choose a weekday it’s likely to cost less and you’ll likely be alone.

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beautiful and unforgettable elopement wedding couple walking on a cliff in sunset Gotland
Summer sunsets are stunning…
beautiful and unforgettable elopement wedding in Njupeskär elopement bröllop i Särna, Dalarna
…as are autumn elopements

5. Next thing to decide is who to take a long with you. Does your beautiful and unforgettable elopement include no one else just you, or do you want to bring people? This is also depending on your where and how to elope. You can bring your friends and family the entire day or half the day if you also want to do some activity by yourself, or just do YOU all day and meet up with your tribe later or another day and do a post elopement party.

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6. It’s time to book your vendors to your beautiful and unforgettable elopement day. This is a part of your priority list – what’s more important and what’s not. What is worth investing in, and what’s not. Not to forget what’s left after your day is photos, rings and dress (if you don’t smash it). But flowers, details, make up and hair, videographer and doing the things you love and what YOU want on your day is adding so much value so it’s really something to. think about. What are you willing to compromise about, and what’s to important to?

beautiful and unforgettable elopement details rings and loveletter
beautiful and unforgettable elopement in provence a mountainvillage and a couple

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7. Things you don’t want to forget to bring to your beautiful and unforgettable elopement day.

Book your flights and prepare the paperwork if you’re eloping in another country.

Depending on where you are going you might not want to forget hiking gear, and mosquito spray. Don’t forget the bike-shorts to prevent thighs hurting and comfortable shoes if you’re doing the more adventurous elopement. And of course do not forget the florals and your rings.

8. How do you envision your ceremony?

Do you see yourself in a specific place when you hold your ceremony? You know you can include almost anything in this type of ceremony. Hand-fasting, singing, playing the guitar, read a letter or note from loved-one’s who aren’t there. Also speak to your photographer on the best daylight time foe photos.

9. Time to make a timeline.

Make sure you add extra time in your schedule for unplanned things that may occur. Also if you have plans that include a restaurant or any activity that requires a instructor (riding, divig etc) make sure you booked already so you’re ready to go. Don’t forget to give yourself time to acclimatise to the new timezone if you’re planning on travelling far. And try finding some fun things to do in the meantime before your elopement day.

10. Get married!!

Wohooo your day is here. Enjoy every minute of it, and relax, make sure you have a photographer there to capture all that you won’t remember afterwards.

Narrow down your guest list and bridal tribe posing

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