10 selected ways to add value and minimise stress to your elopement day


Let’s face it, planning an elopement is stressful, so I have selected 1o ways to add value and make your planning and day less stressful. Let’s get started.

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Ways to add value on your elopement day

1. Bring a chef.

We all know that it’s almost too easy to forget to eat during all the fun and excitement on your day. You can have homemade and favourite snacks and a stunning culinary picnic.

2. Bring your HMUA.

If you don’t mind having a handbag with you, this is not for you. But you DO want to look flawless all day and night. Why not bring your Hair and Makeup artist with you on you elopement day. Less stress, another ways to add value and making you at ease.

Lets continue with other ways to add value to your special day

3. Choose your guests wisely.

Are you getting stressed out by the fact that there are people that assume they’ll be invited to your day – but you haven’t met them in 10 years? Relax, I’ve got you covered. Read my blogpost on good ways to tell family and others that you’re eloping. Read here.

4. You’re not the hiking kind of people but still want to elope?

Perfect, I know so many great ways to elope and there’s really not just one way. Let’s take a helicopter ride to your favourite spot, or maybe you prefer a sailing boat.

5. Please don’t forget the bug killer!!

If you are outside having your ceremony and day, please don’t forget the bug killer!!

6. Nighttime shots are stunning!

Another ways to add value to your day is to add the nighttime shots. How romantic to sit under the stars and gaze into the unknown. I’d be happy to get stunning photos, trust me you won’t regret it. Check out the price here for this optional extras.

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You think I’m done already? Heck NO, I have more ways to add value on your day!

7. Sunscreen folks… sunscreen.

Please don’t miss it. Make sure people that are included in your day brings sunscreen. And of course, your HMUA will know that you’ll be outdoors all day, so make sure you get some extra not only in your face, but on your neck, arms, chest, ears, etc. You get my point.

8. If you’re not having the traditional ceremony, it opens up for other ways of making the ceremony personal.

Make everyone light candles in supporting the marriage, a sand ceremony where both of you add different coloured sand into a jar. Make it something you do each time you go somewhere new, bring new sand. Read more about making your ceremony personal here.

9. Give each other lovletters to open years ahead.

Exchange love letters that you don’t read to each other until a later year that you both decide.

10. post elopement party.

I get it – you both want the intimacy of an elopement AND a great party. I can’t blame you. You have two options. Either you split your day into two parts. One part where you have that intimate part of the day and do all the fun and crazy stuff you want, and then meet up the other guests for dance and midnight swims (yes they are the best way to end your day -trust me).

Or you can have as long as you want of an elopement – intimate and totally your ways, and plan for an after elopement party with friends and family. You have so many options, a beach party, lon a sailing boat, or book your favourite venue preferably on a weekday when it’s not fully booked.

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