3 important lessons learned from vacation!


Important lessons- what are those?

So last week you could read in my Instagram about three lessons I’ve learned during these two weeks of vacation.
Have you learned anything about yourself? Your life? Your business?

important lessons a girl swinging and a sunset backdrop at Surflogiet, Gotland
How beautiful and tranquil isn’t this photo?

important lessons and a still life photo of golden sunset and lights of the restaurant at Surflogiet Gotland
The ambience and stunning backdrop, why not enjoy a drink and some live music here at surflogiet, Gotland.

This is not a payed add from surflogiet. I just lOVE the place.

For me vacation is a time for contemplation – where am I in life?

Is this the time to change any direction or make any changes? It’s like I’m capable of standing outside myself to look at life as it is for me. To observe, look back and to take charge.

important lessons Evelyn Wallin standing on a beach looking diagonal
One of my favourite spots in Gotland, Surflogiet have a look at their website here

I’ve realized season of 2021 came like a crash and I wasn’t really ready for it. I’ve been tired, but not in a way that I need more sleep. Rather rest and time to recover. So how do you do that working full time and with a small kid and family that you want to spend time with? I am not sure, but I have learned one thing.

  1. To put down my phone more often.

What does this important lessons mean practically?

Before I used to think that having a schedule for the usage of my phone was overdramatic, but I have realised that it really is a good idea. So when I am working I have allowed myself a total of 2 hours/day in the phone. It really should work, as editing, blogposts and updating my website is something I do on the computer, and during working hours. If this is an easy task, I’ll go down even more to one hour per day. This will allow my creativity to get ahead, and I will get the quality and present time with my family. And this also leads straight to the second of my important lessons learned:

2. Listen more.

To my surroundings, to nature, to my neighbours, to everything that is. This also means to my own thoughts. Why would this be a good idea? I have a genuine belief that surround yourself by nature does something to your being at every level. You heal, you rest, you feel part of something bigger, older and more important than yourself and there is comfort in that.

important lessons bride and groom standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean
One of SO many stunning places in Gotland, you can check out my previous post where you can download an inspirational timeline for FREE. Check it out here

Let’s get to the third of my important lessons

When I am not working, I am not working.

This sounds ever so easy I know. But it’s not. I know clients love to get fast replies on emails, and most clients do send their emails during evenings and weekends. So yes, this is a tough one. But I am trying to get better at being off work when I decide to be. Maybe I’ll get better to even set a time limit when I am OFFLINE totally. But that will be something for later, lets say I’ll bring it up again the last of September. (shaking hands virtually – it’s a deal).

At least I have managed to do the right thing this spring as I have started doing exercise regularly. This is a perfect way to stop thinking of work, right? When you lift weight or do a HIIT or even run as I tend to listen to podcasts when I do, I DO not think of work. Yay for me.

important lessons as a elopement wedding photographer having fun on the beach of Tofta and Surflogiet, Gotland
A lot to learn as a photographer, it’s so much more then just taking the photos.

Do you want to know more about me, please check out my Evelyn page here


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