When it comes to posing at elopement weddings – I have 5 helpful facts

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Many of you couples are asking me for fun loving, laughters and no posing photos.
I wanted to share some of my ideas, bought sand handful of tips for you.

Because, to be honest I’m not a magician…. You May think I am as many of the couples tell me that this is what they want, (as if I just could swing my wand and hope for the best.)

This post has MY recipe for these un -posing photos of laughter, silliness and authentic-ness

…and it starts with…

  1. YOU two. It’s true, it does. When you’re at ease and trust your photographer you’ll feel more free in the photos. You’ll be able to have fun, joke around, be a bit silly without thinking too much about how you look.

posing, summer elopement beautiful Visby
Talking to each other is a good way for un-posing photos of your elopement day

2. The more you focus on the photographer being there the more posed your photos are going to be. Talk with each other, touch each other, hug, be authentic with each other. Involve one another. Let me know our partner help you with your veil or dress.. let him carry it.

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posing, a bride getting help with her dress walking
We all know a wedding day can be stressful, getting help to carry a dress is a good way to get those un – posing photos
posing, International elopement session in Stockholm
How emotional and stunning, groom taking away the raindrops from his bride’s cheek

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3. Make the portrait session even more personal, bring a love note or maybe talk about a few important days/memories that you two share. To re-live your history on this important day, I’m sure you’ll be emotional and by showing just that, your photos will tell .

posing, bride and groom among paddles
Where the couples met, among the kayaks.

Ready to book? Great, start here

4. Make sure your family and friends stay away from the portrait session. I can tell you that getting at ease and authentic is much harder with a crowd (likely with phones in their hands).

posing, elopement wedding bridal portrait among the trees by a lake
Being alone during the portrait session is a really good way to be at ease and relaxed

5. Do not hold back with the emotions. Who cares about make up when you’re marrying the love of your life. Cry, weep, laugh and just be in the emotions that comes on your day.

adventure elopement bride saying yes in tears at Stockholm cityhall
Your day is one of the most important days n your life. Let yourself feel all the emotions, and let it show, bring it all out. Allow yourself to feel the importance of the day you celebrate your love.

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