7 great tips to keep warm when planning a winter elopement photo session


Summer elopements are awesome, that’s why most people choose this period in Sweden to elope. But, a winter elopement can be just as beautiful (if not more) and so magical and sparkly. But planning a winter elopement can be a hassle so here comes a few helpful tips to make you rethink about the season of your elopement!

This list will focus on how to help you guys get really nice photographs, no matter how cold it is!

7 helpful tips for you when you are planning a winter elopement

1. Wool underwear and leggings.

Yep, consider this when you buy the dress of your dreams! You can add layer on layer under the dress to keep warm. This will def help you relax a bit more during your session.

planning a winter elopement mountain waterfall elopement bride standing in the windy mountain top holding her bouquet
Cold yes! Wearing wool leggings under is helping to keep warm won’t reveal under the long dress.

2. Bring wool blankets and keep your car close

Having a warm jacket is good of course, but blankets of wool is easier to put on and take off. I always suggest a blanket before the jacket, and sometimes you use both! Keeping a warm car close is also helpful for those breaks when you just need to get warm.

3. Shorter time per photo spot.

What I mean is when your photographer has a spot where you’re stopping to get some photos, the time for the actual photos to be taken will be shorter than a summers day. I am going to make sure we get the photos and then hurry for a pause to get warm before we start again.

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4. More time overall for the photo session

So. more pauses to get warm means that the session overall is going to get longer. There’s no reason you should get less photos and variety of photos on you elopement day because you choose a winter elopement. But it does take a bit longer.

planning a winter elopement, winter elopement in the woods two brides eating cupcakes
How stunning isn’t this?

5. Get the promps before

Before…..you take off the blankets and go out from the car. Make sure you understand beforehand what your photographer wants you to do. Understand it, then, go out! This saves so much cold and freezing time!

6. Bring an extra person!

Yep, when you’re planning a winter elopement , bring a bridesmaid to the photo session. She can help being fast with the gloves, blanket and hot cocoa for you. The extra hand is going to be soo helpful and every second faster that he/she can be the better it is, trust me. And don’t forget that this person also needs to have wool leggings, gloves etc. The photographer isn’t that fast. They need to make sure the equipment works etc.

7. Make sure you have a professional elopement photographer

Yep, the equipment needs to be the best to be able to work in cold weather. Not to mention having the experience to do a session in the cold, because it is very different. They also know that batteries stop woking faster, and you need to bring more batteries and keep. them close to your body! The need to have a plan B is crucial, you never know with the weather… and with a professional you have a contract, a plan B and someone who’s seen so many crazy weather elopements.

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