Get hitched or wait for the pandemic to end? How to move forward with your plan?


How to move forward with your plan?

It’s the end of 2021, and how we hoped for this pandemic to be over and done with by now. This is the post that will (hopefully) help you move forward with your plan no matter the outcome the next year.

how to move forward with your plan couple standing on a big rock with a waterfall behind them
Going up at 5 is never a problem if you get this kind of magic

I can tell you that elopements are here to stay. This is the most safe way to make sure you can go through with your celebrations. Less likely to be all teared apart by covid restrictions – of course depending on where you decide to go. And depending on your vaccination status.

You have two options really. Either you do not want to compromise with the Disney- princess styled traditional big wedding. In that case you can stop reading and just post pone of an unknown period of time.

But, if you are openminded for an adventure of planning a personal and unique experience – well then you are likely to be able to get married next year. Yay for you!

how to move forward with your plan, couple being cheered at outside cityhall
Adding personal elements to your day makes your elopement more uniquely you

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If you want to plan for a destination elopement somewhere you’ve always wanted to experience together, then plan for it. But, make sure to read carefully about any updated due to covid restrictions. Maybe it’s a good idea to plan for another setting or be prepared to postpone.

Another way to approach planning is to focus on what you want to be included in your day. These things could be: Do you want to include an activity? Do you want it to be a just- us experience or do you want to invite people? in that case who do you want to invite? Do you want them to be part of the entire day or do you want to be private first and meet up with family and friends to dinner or party? Would you prefer being outdoors or rent a venue?

So many things can be decided before you decide where to go. You can wait closer to the date before deciding the location.

who to move forward with your plans, bride and groom under a tree in golden lights
Ready to download an elopement freebie? Here it is!

Make sure your photographer is ok with the waiting. If you book me, I will always try to find a solution to any problems and in my fees, the travel-fee is always included so it’s not going to be a problem. And yes I have the covid passport!

So you move forward with your plan by preparing what you can prepare beforehand to make your elopement day as memorable and unique as possible. By doing this, you will make your day authentic and truly an unique experience that you will remember for a long time ahead.

If you need even more tips on elopements this blog is truly filled with inspiration, tips and lots of advise for you to dive into. I am truly certain that you are capable of doing whatever you want on your elopement day. There is as many ways of eloping as there is couples planning to elope.

How to move forward with your plans, The kiss on an outdoor ceremony
By the foot of a mountain, after a three day hiking going straight to the ceremony was truly an adventure. They wore each others rings around the neck. The groom hadn’t seen the custom made ring before his wife put it on his finger.
how to go ahead with your plans groom looking first time at his ring
Look at him! How excited is he? I think this is stunning and so very special.

You can read about this adventure elopement here

I hope this post has been helpful! Send me an email and tell me about your plans!

Until next week!

XoX Evelyn


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