Are you sure? 5 common misconceptions about weddings!

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Finally! You have found your soulmate and you are ready to dig into the world of wedding planning. As a wedding photographer I get to hear a lot of pre-conceptions regarding weddings and elopements. Once you have been thrown the ideas of what grandmother or auntie Annie wants and expects of your wedding, it is time for you and your spouse to read this post: The common misconceptions I as a wedding photographer want every couple to know about before starting to plan your wedding day.

bröllopspar som snart ser sig för första gången under deras bröllopsdag i solsken med utsikt över Mariefred

1st misconception about weddings and elopements.

Weddings are expensive and elopements are inexpensive and short

Well, I will start backwards. Elopements are still your wedding day, but you have decided to invite your closest or none because you feel it is a private matter. But often it is less expensive, because the costs you have are more intentional. You choose what is more important to you and skip the rest. Short? It can be, but why? It is all about celebrations no matter how you spend the day. You and your spouse can have a full day with no timeline to follow and just enjoy each other and celebrate your love. It is more accepted to be less traditional if you choose to elope. BUT, that said, a wedding doesn’t need to be very expensive and all traditional. You can still choose with intention, and it is still your wedding day. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Elopement couple in Scotland walking in the mountain with a lantern
Bröllopspar under bröllopsdagen under bar himmel när det plötsligt börjar regna

2nd misconception about weddings and elopements.

“Weddings need to be on a Saturday”

Have you even considered why? A valid reason is that your guests will have the day off the day after and are able to dance away all night long. But is this reason enough to choose a Saturday. Well, that is up to you. But something to keep in mind is, it will be so much easier to choose the vendors you absolutely love if you decide to have your wedding or elopement on another day of the week. Most Saturdays during high season are booked up long in advance, so you may need to book, sometimes, a whole year before.

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Groom and his groomsmen shaking a champagne bottle and spraying everyone.

3rd misconception about weddings and elopements.

“I can save money on my wedding day by DIY, a friend or a family member” 

I say – don’t do it. So many couples afterwards regret using friends and family to capture their day, and it came out a disaster. Why? A friend that has photography as a hobby rarely has the right equipment or the right experience to capture weddings. You can’t compare, really. It sounds bald, I know. But with what I just wrote about hobby photography, equipment and experience compared to a professional that has photographed many weddings before (I have photographed over 100 weddings) and know all that can happen and have the right equipment for the job. Double set with cameras, with double slots for the memory cards. A number of batteries and more memory cards, a contract for both the couple’s and photographer’s safety. And not the least, imagine how many photos you will have of the kiss, the first dance taken by family and friends. The same moments by many. But no one of your father crying, the gaze your husband gave you when you were not watching etc.

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4th misconception about weddings and elopements.

“You need to invite every person you have ever known”

I say NO, not true. You really don’t need to invite a friend you had in primary school. No you don’t need to invite cousins you only met twice in you life. Not even closer family that you don’t have a really good relationship with. I know the last one will make some of you feel an ache in your belly about. I know, expectations. But if you are uncertain of how any potential guests presence will affect the entire vibe of the wedding, or if you will have a hard time relaxing and fully enjoying the day, I say, do not invite. No matter what they or others will say. You and your partner have every right to feel confident, safe and relaxed to fully enjoy your wedding day. #nuffsaid . And yes you can invite guests to your elopement, that is also a misconception.

Brud som håller om sin mans huvud och kysser honom i det gyllene ljuset
Brud som går med hånderna över havre betor i golden hour
Bröllopspar under golden hour som kysser varandra i motljus

5th misconception about weddings and elopements.

Elopements are less than a traditional church wedding and therefor less real

Really? So the number of guests or a priest are the things that gives your wedding value.. ? Well, now that you read it, it does sound pretty silly right? It’s fully up to you how you get married, and you do get to choose. You don’t need to have a church wedding, but if you do want it, go for it. An elopement offers something different, that’s all. It’s for those who feel awkward being in the center of attention amongst many guests, or those who don’t feel that they need/want a priest to make their marriage valid. The adventure seekers, the wild at heart, or those who just feel like their wedding day is a very private matter. Either way, how you choose to celebrate your love is up to you. And no one else!

Bröllopspar som dansar ut från vigseln och får blomblad kastade på dem av gästerna.

I hope this blog gives you the confidence to go ahead and make your wedding day uniquely you. Remember. It’s your day, your choice!

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